Flood Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | 5 Common Types of Floods

Floods are some of the widespread natural disasters, causing huge losses and extensive damage. If flooding occurs and, unfortunately, your home gets affected, the best you can do is involve Service Master. They provide flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and will help you settle back in after flooding. 


It is essential to know the different types of floods to prepare accordingly and prevent damage to your property. 


Flash Floods


These are mainly caused by heavy, constant rainfall or a rapid snow thaw. They come as fast-moving waters sweeping anything in their path. Flash floods affect small areas and can occur unexpectedly, carrying large objects such as trees and cars. 


Coastal Floods


If you live on a coastline or near the ocean, strong winds or storms can bring about coastal floods to your property. These affect areas with lower elevation and fewer defenses, causing a water influx from high tides. 


River Floods


These are due to the river banks swelling and eventually erupting, causing flooding around the area. This usually happens during heavy rainfall when the river cannot hold a large influx of water. 


Urban Floods


These occur when the main drainage system in an urban area fails to hold the high amounts of water from rain. Also, if an area is not inclined naturally to drain water, urban floods occur. These can be dangerous and cause damage to properties. 


In such a case, the best you can do is stay safe and leave the mess to professionals. Service Master provides flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburg, and thanks to the team, they can restore your property as soon as possible. 


Pluvial Floods


These are as a result of water collecting on flat areas where drainage is poor. When it rains heavily, the water collects, forming ponds. These clear with time, but temporary drainage systems may be necessary to clear the water. 


Dealing with floods can be traumatic and overwhelming; but, with Service Master, you do not have to worry about the cleanup process. They offer flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburg area, ensuring effective restoration of your property.


Water Disaster Restoration Services in Greater Pittsburgh | How to Prevent Water Damage in the Bathroom

The bathroom has multiple fixtures and fittings, all connected to the main plumbing system. A slight failure in the line can cause a serious water disaster, warranting the services of a water disaster restoration company. Thanks to Service Master, you can get water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and the neighboring areas. 


Since the bathroom is one of the areas where water damage occurs, what can you do to prevent that?


Regular Inspection


Check the walls and floors for any signs of water damage such as stains, discoloration, moisture buildup, and mold. Also, check under vanities and sinks for any signs of water damage. If you notice a musty smell, there is a high chance of water damage somewhere in the bathroom. 


Timely Repairs


After inspection, you may find a few broken pipes, faulty faucets, missing tiles, or cracked grout. Repair these as soon as possible to prevent extensive water damage that could lead to a disaster. Have a professional fix the broken items and run a thorough inspection to ensure everything is functioning correctly.


If water damage is beyond your control, Service Master is known for excellent water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburg. They will clean up and restore your bathroom to functionality. 


Prevent Clogging and Blockages 


Make sure the drains are working correctly by avoiding flushing down items that could clog the drain. If you notice clogging, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to clear any matter preventing free flow. 


Upgrade the Fixtures


Older tubs, showers, and toilets could be the reason there is water damage in your bathroom. Over time, caulking around these fixtures wears off, allowing water to seep through the walls and floors. Upgrade these together with the fittings to prevent leakages and ultimately water damage. 

With all the fittings in the bathroom, water damage can occur unexpectedly, leading to an unforeseen disaster. Not to worry, Service Master can come and take care of the mess and restore functionality. They have practical tools and skilled professionals providing water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and the environs.

Water Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | How to Save Water-Damaged Documents and Books

You can recover most of your water-damaged materials through air-drying. When water damage happens, you need professional cleanup services from Service Master. They provide water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and will help you restore your water-damaged materials.


If your books and other documents have suffered water damage, this is what you should do to save them. 


Thoroughly-Soaked Books


If your books have been submerged fully in water, you will need to either air-dry or freeze-dry them. Service Master can come in handy to help you recover your essentials during cleanup. They provide water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and the environs. But before they do that, you need to take these precautions:


  • Don’t open the book or remove bindings.
  • Cover the drying surface with absorbent paper.
  • Set the book or document on end to allow water to drain. 
  • Use paper towels or aluminum foil between the covers and text block.
  • Keep changing the papers beneath as they get saturated.
  • You can circulate fans around the book but be careful not to aim the fans on the books. 
  • Leave the books to drain until no drops trickle down. 

If you choose to freeze-dry the books, freeze rapidly at -15 to -20 degrees F to prevent damage from ice crystals.


Partially-Wet Books


Air dry partially wet books by covering the surface with absorbent paper. Open the book and fit paper towels after every 20 pages. Lay the book flat and leave the paper towels to soak the moisture. 


You may leave the book flat until the absorbent material has absorbed some water. Change the paper beneath the books until the book is damp. 


Damp Books


Line the drying surface with plastic sheeting or absorbent paper. Set the book to stand and fan slightly. If the cover is damper than the text pages, place an absorbent between the cover and text pages to absorb moisture. Use a fan to dry the book and dry it thoroughly. 


You can recover your essential documents and books after water damage with the help of a professional. If you are looking for a credible water damage restoration company Service Master will come in handy. Their team provides water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and will tend to the mess promptly. 




Water Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | Tips to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Water damage can cost you a lot of money, time, and effort. While most times it happens unexpectedly, there are a few things you can do to protect your home from water damage. And, in the event it occurs, you can reach out to Service Master for water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and the environs.


Below are ways you can protect your home from water damage.


Prevent Water Seepage into the Basement


Water can make its way through your basement, especially if it is not fully protected. To prevent water seepage in your basement, this is what you should do:

  • Reseal your basement to repair cracks.

  • Ensure the water drains away from the walls.

  • Install a backwater valve to prevent sewage backups.


If water makes its way into your home, Service Master provides water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburg and will sort out the mess.


Maintain the Plumbing System


Leaks around the house can cause water damage, and most times, they may go unseen. Here are ways you can maintain your indoor plumbing system to protect your home from water damage:


  • Inspect all hoses and faucets to and from dishwashers, heaters, washing machines, etc.

  • Inspects bathtubs and showers and check seals and caulking.

  • Shut off the water supply while away on vacation.

  • Point out the main water shut-off valve in your home.

  • Get an emergency pressure release valve and install it in your plumbing system.

  • Check all heating pipes for cracks and leaks.


Maintain the Home’s Exterior


Protect your home from water damage by repairing the exterior of your home to prevent water seepage.


  • Seal and maintain caulking on windows.

  • Inspect the roof regularly and repair any leaks.

  • Check the downspouts for cracks, remove debris, and position them to direct water away from the house.

  • Check any irrigation systems to avoid water seepage into the foundation.

Keeping your home in its best state can significantly reduce the risk of water damage. But, when it happens, the best you can do is engage Service Master for timely water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh. Their team is equipped to handle any extent of water damage, restoring your home to functionality.

Water Damage Cleanup in Pittsburgh | 4 Essential Components to Waterproof Your Home

The cost of water damage restoration can be higher than that of waterproofing your home. If you notice water damage signs and need a quick water damage cleanup in the greater Pittsburgh area, Demand the Yellow Van, and call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh. 

But, for a long-term solution, consider waterproofing these essential components of your home. 


If your roof is leaky or broken, your house may not survive water damage when it comes. Run regular inspections of the roof and its components, ensuring timely repairs if anything is broken. You may need to cover your roof with a waterproof roof cover, especially if your area is expecting storms. 


Small cracks in the foundation can cause water damage over time. Inspect the condition of your foundation walls and repair any cracks you find. Also, direct water away from the foundation by installing proper downspouts. 

Plumbing System

Faulty plumbing systems are a major cause of water damage in most homes. Conduct regular inspections of your water line to ensure all pipes and taps are functioning correctly. If you notice a leak, consult ServiceMaster for a water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh area. 

Windows and Doors

Small cracks and broken caulking around your windows and doors can let in water and cause damage to the walls and floors. Leak-proof your windows and doors by applying caulk on both sides of the window. 

You could use weather-stripping to seal your doors and windows that do not close properly, especially during the rainy season. During the rainy season, you may need to install storm windows to provide an additional layer of protection. 

Weatherproofing your home is the best way to prevent water damage. But, it could still occur with unforeseen signs. If you suspect water damage, schedule a call with ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh. Our team provides water damage cleanup in Pittsburgh, taking the burden off your shoulder.

Water Damage Cleanup in Pittsburgh | How to Prevent Water Damage

Timely cleanup and restoration after water damage are necessary to curb extensive damage to your valuables. If you are looking for water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, Service Master can come to your rescue. 

Below are tips to prevent water damage; all helpful whether or not your property has a history of water damage. 

Inspect your Roofing Components

If your roof is not weather-tight, your house will suffer water damage. Check the quality of all your roofing components, including the roof, gutter system, and chimney. Get rid of overgrown moss and repair any broken parts to prevent water damage. 

Maintain the Plumbing System

Check all your pipes, sinks, and tubs for any leaks to prevent water damage. If not repaired on time, water can collect in your cabinets, behind walls, or floors, causing extensive damage to your property.  

If the damage is beyond your control, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh will provide water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh area and restore your home. 

Manage Your Water Pressure

You can check signs of water loss by installing an electronic water leak detection system. You can install this directly on your main supply and monitor water flow, temperature and pressure. With this, you can catch leaky pipes and repair them before water damage occurs. 

Maintain Caulking

Leaks around the windows and doors cause water damage to the adjacent walls and floors. Make sure the caulking is in its best state by repairing any broken or missing parts. Check around all your windows and doors to find areas that need repair. 

Maintain Downspouts

If you have not maintained the downspouts, water may come down walls and access the foundation. This could cause extensive water damage that would eventually cost you a lot of money to repair. Make sure the downspouts drive water away from the edge of your wall. 

There are ways to prevent water damage, but the most essential action is to clean up any water damage as soon as possible. ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh provides water damage cleanup in Pittsburgh, helping you restore your home. Their professionals have the skills to manage the situation.

 Water Damage Restoration | Is it Possible to Get Mold Out of Carpet?

A little bit of water and wet carpet never killed anyone, but a serious mold growth outbreak could cause fatalities if not properly mitigated. One of the main focuses of water damage restoration company is preventing mold growth after water is removed and belonging or structures are completely dry. Homeowners often believe they can simply use a shop vacuum to suck out the water and soak up the excess water out of the carpet with towels and their water damage is solved; however, there is much more you need to do to have complete mitigation and get mold out of your carpet.

Cleaning Mold from Carpets

The best way to clean mold from carpets is to hire a professional water damage restoration company that is trained and licensed in mold removal. There are several steps to take for proper mold removal.

  1. `Thorough Cleaning- Carpets that have mold must be thoroughly cleaned with commercial grade carpet shampoos for mold.
  2. Drying- After the carpets are cleaned, they will need to be dried completely using commercial fans and dehumidifiers. The drying process is the most crucial step of the mold removal process.
  3. Deodorize- Mold always leaves behind a musty smell, so deodorizing is especially important. Homeowners can use retail grade carpet deodorizer products, but the professional water damage restoration company will have the absolute best products that will not take multiple applications.

Homeowners need to be aware that some carpets cannot be saved. If the mold growth is excessive, mold has grown into the padding and flooring underneath, or the carpet has started to degrade due to the water damage, it will be better to do a full replacement. The water damage cleanup company you are working with can help you decide whether your carpets are going to be salvageable or not. Often carpet cleaning or replacement can be covered by your flood insurance coverage.  If you have water in your Crawlspace, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh can help if you call 412-424-6755 or visit us on Facebook.

Water Damage Restoration | Can Hardwood Furniture Be Salvaged After Flooding?

Flooding is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares because there can be such a massive amount of loss. You might be tempted to rent a dumpster and throw out anything and everything that got saturated with water; however, before you throw away your family heirlooms of hardwood furniture, you should partner with a water damage restoration company to help you salvage your belongings.

Hardwood is not always automatically ruined when it gets wet. High quality furniture will be treated to help withstand moisture and water but will still rot when exposed to moisture or saturated for extended periods of time. Although water damage restoration may save your furniture, there may still be damage such as water stains after remediation.

How to Salvage Saturated Hardwood Furniture

When salvaging hardwood furniture, the first thing you need to do is remove the furniture from the water and begin the drying out process immediately. Water damage restoration companies will use dehumidifiers, commercial fans, and other techniques to ensure complete drying happens.

Even after the wood is completely dry mold growth will need to be prevented. There are products that can be used during cleaning that will kill any mold that may already be growing on the furniture.

If any parts of the hardwood are damaged, you may be able to find a carpenter to repair large pieces that need to be replaced. When the wood swells, you may be able to sand the surface to even or level it back out. Small cracks caused by expansion of the wood can be filled in with wood glue. The last thing you can do to restore your furniture after water damage restoration is re-stain or repaint the furniture.

Restoring furniture, floors, walls, or personal belongings after a flood or water damage can be difficult and without the proper methods being used, your efforts could prove useless. Therefore, hiring a professional water damage cleanup company is so vital.

If you have water in your Crawlspace, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg can help if you call 412-424-6755.

 Restoration Services in Greater Pittsburgh | Avoiding Water in the Crawl Space

One reason that homeowners might need restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh is because of a flooded or water damaged crawl space. Damage from flooding can be extensive in the crawl space, mostly because the water often sits for prolonged periods of time. The longer water sits in the crawl space the larger the risk becomes for mold and structural damage.

Your crawl space can become flooded for many varied reasons—sewer backups or waste line leaks, storm flooding, poor drainage from your home, groundwater swells, and burst pipes. There are a few things you can do to avoid ending up with a flooded crawlspace, however so that you do not end up needing restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh.

  1. Regularly Check Your Gutters- One of the main reasons that crawl spaces flood is pour drainage away from the house. Clogged or broken gutters can cause water to pool near the foundation and leak into your crawl space.
  2. Regularly Check the Crawl Space- After every major storm and at least once per month you should have a look inside your crawl space and make sure there is no standing water. Ignoring your crawl space will allow mold to flourish quickly.
  3. Encapsulate the Crawl Space- Like sealing, encapsulating will keep moisture content in the soil out of the crawl space walls. Proper ventilation is also vital for limiting excess moisture. You can also consider adding insulation.

You may think that a little bit of rainwater or moisture will not be a big deal in your crawl space, but even clean category one water can become harmful after it is stagnant. Water that is not taken care of by restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh will become a breeding ground for not only mold, but insects and other pests. If you have encountered water in your crawl space, whether it is just a damp wall or several inches of water, call a professional company that is licensed and insured to start your restoration process.

If you have water in your Crawlspace, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh can help if you call 412-424-6755 or visit us on Facebook.

Water Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | What You Should Know About Flood Waters and Carpet

When you are dealing with a flooded home, one of the main concerns you will have will be what can be saved from your belongings, flooring, and carpets. Professionals who handle water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh have many tips and tricks they can use to restore your carpets so they can be saved instead of needing replaced. This will save you time and money on your restoration process, but there are many factors that will go into the determination.

How Will Flooding Affect the Carpet?

There are three distinct categories of flooding and each will impact your carpet differently.

Category 1 flooding comes from clean water that is not mixed with any contaminants. When a pipe bursts or rainwater comes in through a leaky roof and soaks the carpeting, if it has been saturated for less than 48 hours, the carpeting can usually be saved through drying, cleaning, and sanitizing.

Category 2 flood water is also called greywater and is water that is contaminated and can make you sick if consumed or if it touches your body. Examples of category two flooding includes overflowing washing machines or dishwashers, toilet backups and overflows without waste, aquariums that shatter, or failed sump pumps. When you need water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh for category 2 flooding, you will need to have the padding replaced, but the carpet can typically be salvaged.

Category 3 flooding is blackwater and extremely dangerous. Sewage, flooding from bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, or seawater, hurricane or storm water, or anything else with dangerous pathogens. Water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh for category 3 flood incidents calls for carpet replacement.

No matter what kind of flood waters you are dealing with, there are other factors that need to be considered before determining if the carpet can be saved including how saturated it is and how long the water has been sitting. The best way to make sure you can salvage your carpets is to call a company that does water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh such as ServiceMaster within hours of the flooding.

Call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh for all your water damage cleanup needs at 412-960-1653 or visit us on Facebook.