Crawl Space Water Damage

The crawl space in your home is where you store seasonal items and other things that you don’t use every day, leaving your crawl space out of sight and out of mind. Water damage to crawl spaces is common, so it is essential to check your crawl space every three months or so to ensure it is dry.

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How to Repair Drywall That Has Been Water Damaged

Whether your drywall is damaged due to a leaky roof, flooding, or condensation from your central air conditioning, repairing water-damaged drywall quickly is crucial. The ceilings and walls of your home need to be sturdy. Water damage can cause your drywall to crumble and fail, so drying, repairing and replacing your drywall after it suffers water damage is crucial.

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5 Tips for Limiting Fire Damage in your Home

When your home is damaged by fire, it is a frustrating and devasting experience for you and your family. With your personal belongings and home damaged, you may be looking for ways you can further protect your home from damage or trying to decide if you need to leave the work to a professional restoration company.

Fire and smoke damage can be challenging to deal with, so it is always crucial to hire a professional restoration company to assist you in resolving those issues. They have the expertise, proper cleaning products, and specialized equipment to safely and efficiently restore your home.

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September is National Preparedness Month

Are you Prepared for the Next Disaster?


When we think of emergency preparedness, it can become overwhelming with all the different little emergencies that arise in daily life, as well as larger disasters.  Life seems to move so fast, and can wash you away in a blink of the eye. However, it is better to prepare for the situations before it happens, when you can think straight. Working in a disaster restoration company, I have helped people deal with the smaller emergencies as well as the larger disasters such as flood, fire, trauma, etc.  This is a time when you face many decisions about what is important in your life. Whether it be your family, health, or sentimental possessions, you should have some strategies in place to prepare for emergencies before they arise. Continue reading