Water Damage Cleanup in Pittsburgh | How to Prevent Leaks in Your Commercial Building

Commercial water damage is rampant, and the destruction it causes cannot be overlooked. The major causes of commercial water damage are damaged roofing systems, leaky roof vents, and burst plumbing lines. 


If you suffer commercial water damage, you should first reach out to a professional. ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in Pittsburgh and can come in handy to help you restore your premises. 


Here are ways to prevent leaks in your commercial building.


Regular Inspection

The same effort you direct to your business should equal the attention you give the building itself. Take time to run regular inspections of the entire premises to ensure all components are functioning as expected. 

Inspect the building’s plumbing fixtures, structure, and roof to ensure everything is in excellent condition. 


Professional Maintenance

During an inspection, you may find issues with the roofing system or anywhere in the structure. The best idea would be to get a professional to run maintenance. And, if water damage happens, consider ServiceMaster; they provide water damage cleanup in Pittsburgh and the environs. 


Timely Repairs

Timely repairs will save you a lot of money and time in the long run. If you notice a missing roof shingle or a leaking gutter, fixing it as soon as possible minimizes the risk of water damage in the future. Get professionals to perform repairs to ensure all components are restored to full functionality. 


Roof Cleaning

Leaks from faulty roofing systems are the leading cause of water damage in commercial buildings. But these can be prevented by cleaning the roof regularly and ensuring gutters and downspouts are clear and unobstructed. 


Finding the best professional is the first step to restoring your commercial building to order. ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in Pittsburgh and will come in handy to clear the mess and restore your premises to full functionality. 

Flood Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | What to Do When Your Basement Floods

The basement is highly prone to flooding, whether that is from rainstorms or burst plumbing lines. When it happens, you should call your water damage restoration company. ServiceMaster provides flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, helping you restore your basement as soon as possible. 


What should you do when your basement floods? Below are helpful pointers. 


Remove Water


Once you have figured out the water source, you ought to remove it to prevent further damage to your valuables in the basement. You should use a wet vacuum to remove the water, and if that is not a viable choice, contact professionals for flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh


Dry the Basement


Use dehumidifiers and fans to dry the basement, paying attention to the most affected areas. This will discourage mold growth which can be a task to deal with after water damage. If the basement has air conditioning, run it to help drive the moisture away. 


Clean Up


Clean up the floors and remove any damaged items. Set valuables outside to dry and expose as much basement room as possible. Thorough cleaning will prevent foul odors from developing out of the moisture buildup. 


While at it, make sure you use protective equipment such as gloves, rubber clothing, and safety boots. Also, use cleaning solvents that are safe for the types of walls and floors you have in your basement. 


Fix The Problem


Where did the water come from? If a faulty pipe bursts and floods the basement, repair or replace it to prevent a similar problem in the future. Suppose the flooding was from broken downspouts and drains; repair or replace them immediately. 


Flooding in the basement can cause significant damage to your valuables, not forgetting the walls and the floors. If this happens to you, the best approach would be to hire ServiceMaster. They provide flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, and with their practical tools and trained teams, they ensure quick restoration. 


Water Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | How to Handle Mold After Water Damage

Mold poses health risks such as asthma, skin irritations, and allergic reactions. It is therefore essential to clean it up promptly in the event of water damage. With the help of professionals for water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, you can manage the situation and restore your home to full functionality. 

Below are tips for mold cleanup that you can implement and prevent further damage and potential health risks. 


Use Personal Protective Equipment

As mentioned, mold can cause health issues with prolonged exposure. Before entering any moldy site, protect yourself using personal protective equipment such as respirators, gloves, and eye protection. 


Get professional Mold Cleanup Services

You can clean up mold by yourself; however, the process may be challenging or dangerous for you. The best approach is to hire professionals for water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh and leave the job to them. 


Professionals have the right set of tools and skills to handle the most challenging mold cleanup job. They follow specific cleanup processes to ensure complete removal and treatment of mold to restore your property to full functionality. 


Safe DIY Mold Cleanup 

If you have to clean up mold by yourself, below are tips to guide you on complete removal of it to prevent further damage:


  • Wear protective equipment before entering a mold-affected area. 
  • Remove standing water and any wet materials.
  • Use a vacuum to extract water from floors, carpets, and other hard surfaces. Dry every surface as early as possible to prevent further damage. 
  • Open all windows and doors to allow air to flow in and help in moisture removal and ventilation. 
  • Once it is safe to use electricity, use dehumidifiers and fans to extract moisture. 
  • Use clean water and detergent to clear all the visible mold. 
  • Dry the affected area thoroughly and fix the water issue that caused the damage.
  • Get rid of items that cannot be cleaned or dried. 


These tips can guide you in handling mold in the event of water damage on your property. While they are helpful for DIY cleanup, it is best to seek the services of ServiceMaster. They provide water damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, taking up the challenge to restore your home. 


Water Disaster Restoration Services in Greater Pittsburgh| How Water Can Damage Your Home’s Foundation

When water accumulates around the exterior of your home, it can seep down to the foundation and cause damage. Water disasters such as sudden snow melts and floods can affect the foundation’s strength, which can be pretty dangerous for you and your family. 


When this happens, you first need to consult a water restoration company for prompt action. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and can come on board and solve the problem before it affects your foundation. 


Here is how water can damage your home’s foundation




The foundation is supported by layers of soil, which, if washed away, exposes the foundation increasing the risk of damage. Also, soil erosion increases the risk of foundation settlement which affects its structural strength. 


Signs to look out for are sinking, uneven floors and windows, and doors that do not close properly. Other signs include cracks on drywall, tilting chimneys, and exterior ground-level wall cracks. 


Hydrostatic Pressure


When a water disaster such as rainstorms and melting snow happens, water collects around the house. Thus exerts hydrostatic pressure against the foundation affecting its overall strength. This pressure can cause cracks in the foundation which can create paths for water to seep into the structure of your home. 


In the event of a water disaster, get professionals to handle the mess. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh and can help you clear the water and restore your home’s functionality. 


Expansive Soils


Expansive soils contain minerals that absorb water, quickly increasing the volume. These soils push against the foundation, causing cracks in the floors and walls. When the soils dry out, they shrink, and the cycle continues. 


The foundation is an essential component of your house structure, and any damage to it translates to the other components. If a water disaster occurs and you are afraid it could cause damage to the foundation of your house, contact ServiceMaster. The team provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh, taking up the challenge and ensuring effective restoration. 


Water Disaster Restoration Services in Greater Pittsburgh | Why You Should Act Fast After a Water Disaster

Unfortunately, you cannot do much to prevent a water disaster, mainly if it results from flooding. But, you can act fast and manage the situation before it gets out of hand. Getting the help of a water restoration company is the first thing you should do.


If you are in the Greater Pittsburgh area, ServiceMaster can come on board and take care of the situation. They provide water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh, and thanks to their trained team, you can rest assured of effective restoration. 


So, why should you act fast after a water disaster?


Reduce Health Risks Associated with Water Damage


Stagnant water is a breeding ground for fungi and other organisms that increase health risks with prolonged exposure. Such an environment is also favorable for the growth and development of mold, which is known to cause respiratory issues with prolonged exposure. 


Effective water extraction and proper drying of the affected areas will cut these risks while restoring the home to functionality. ServiceMaster has a reliable team that provides water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh, promptly taking care of the mess. 


Quick Restoration Preventing Further Damage


The faster you start the restoration, the more damage you prevent. Water damage can be destructive if left unattended for a long time. Starting on restoration immediately will prevent extensive damage to your valuables and help you salvage some people it is too late. 


Ideally, you should start restoration within the first 24 to 48 hours. The damage is manageable, and you can salvage your items and cut down on repair and replacement costs. 


Acting fast after a water disaster not only settles you down quickly but helps you cut repair and restoration costs. ServiceMaster is a reliable company providing water disaster restoration services in Greater Pittsburgh. The team responds quickly and will handle your situation as soon as you contact them.