Sewage, Bio Hazard, and MRSA Clean Up

Professional Sewage cleanup services for the Pittsburgh area.

ServiceMaster of Great Pittsburgh provides bio hazard, sewage, and MRSA clean-up services, along with any repairs necessary from damage in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas in Western Pennsylvania.

Sewage Cleanup and Restoration Services

ServiceMaster is experienced in analyzing and handling all categories of water damages from clean water pipe breaks, gray water conditions from internal sources containing contaminants all the way to grossly contaminated black water conditions that often contain heavy metals, pesticides, and host of other toxic or pathogenic agents. All water coming from the sanitary sewer in your basement, from water run-off from your street or across yards or from river or stream flooding is considered a black water condition. Special processes must be used along with personal protection equipment for all workers involved with the clean-up of these unsanitary conditions. Before entering possible contaminated areas; consider contacting ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh Sewage Clean up Specialists to discuss your project.

  • We remove the gross contaminated water from the building structure
  • We separate the non-restorable and restorable contents
  • We remove non restorable building materials
  • We establish a safe cleaning, drying and decontamination plan for your property
  • We provide accurate documentation of the entire process
  • We work with both the property owner and the Insurance company throughout the project
  • We document a return to a clean and healthy environment
  • We provide complete repair and reconstruction services for your property

Biohazard Cleanup Services

Pittsburgh Area Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup Service.

Crime Scene Cleanup

If your commercial business or residential property requires biohazard decontamination services, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh will come to your site to clean, decontaminate and deodorize any affected areas.

When you have biohazardous materials at your home or workspace, it can be dangerous for you, your employees, and your customers. You’ll need a service that is certified to properly clean, disinfect, and decontaminate the area of any blood, tissue, bodily fluids or toxic materials, since these can be harmful and pose risks to anyone in the area.

Types of biohazard cleanup services

Servicemaster of Pittsburgh will cleanup the following biohazard situations:

  • Crime scenes
  • Decay from biological sources (people, animals)
  • Any sort of natural death, including decomposition
  • Injuries and accidents that have occurred on your worksite
  • Homicide, suicide, an unattended death
  • Onsite automobile and vehicle blood cleanup
  • Industrial injuries or accidents
  • Blood and bodily tissue
  • Office or work areas that have been exposed to a communicable disease and infectious waste

We can also sanitize and deodorize for odors that have arisen from biological sources or decay.

Choosing Professionals for your Biohazard Cleanup

If you or your business experiences an accident, injury, or death that requires biohazard clean-up services, call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh. We are licensed to clean at your workplace and have met all Pennsylvania state obligations, including those revolving around storage, vehicle, and waste legal requirements.

Since blood borne pathogens and biological material can be dangerous to people and animals, you should hire a professional company that has trained, experienced employees, the right equipment, and a respect for those who may have just experienced a disaster or death. We know how to remove biohazardous materials, and dispose of or properly transport those materials, and then clean, decontaminate, and deodorize any affected area.

Trauma Site Clean Up and Biological Waste Removal

ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh serves any home, offices, commercial buildings, hospitals, or other areas that require trauma site cleaning and decontamination. We can also restore your property to its original condition, including redecorating & reconstruction.

Call us anytime, 24 hours a day. We’re available and will be on site immediately to assess the conditions and to begin cleanup tasks. It is not safe to handle any trauma waste or materials without the proper clearance and equipment. Let us do it. We’ll also work with your insurance carrier to ensure that all services are finished in a timely manner.


and other microbial growth clean-up in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas

As the medical field advances to find cures for infections, many viruses, bacteria, etc. mutate into “superbugs.” For those who are afflicted with an infection, it can be very scary and overwhelming. How can you clean something so small that you cannot see it? Who would be willing and capable to properly tackle the project? ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh has proudly provided the specialty cleaning required to address these health related projects for 32 years. Our technicians use a thorough cleaning process that incorporates hospital-grade disinfectants to treat affected surfaces. Just as the “super bugs” mutate, our processes and products need to change to destroy these mutations. ServiceMaster uses cutting-edge, proven technology to create a healthy, clean environment.

  • Bactibarrier Technology
  • Cutting edge products and processes
  • Hospital and Nursing Facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Workplace clean-ups
  • Private residents so loved ones can come home

For additional information or to schedule, please contact us at 412-826-1010. We offer 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency services – including holidays — and quick response time. From Zelienople to Bishop, to Donohoe and Midway, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh is here to assist you.