Trauma and Crime Scene Clean Up

From the kind and compassionate voices who answer the phone, to the highly trained and professional technicians who arrive to help, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh provides an unprecedented level of experience and empathy. Our technicians and office staff are highly trained to properly address one of the most traumatic events that we as humans face, the bodily injury or death of a fellow human. Whether they were a loved one, or a tenant in one of your properties, their passing will leave a lasting mark in your life.

ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh possesses not only the expertise and knowledge needed to handle a specialized clean-up with multiple health risks, but also the compassion, professionalism, and capability needed to guide you through a difficult project of this magnitude. Our technicians will address the clean-up, sanitization, and deodorization, allowing you the ability to focus on the multitude difficult decisions and the arrangements that would be needed. Our team can help you deal with this trying time to restore balance while respecting your grief and privacy.

  • Insurance documentation and communication. HELPFUL HINT: Most homeowner’s policies will help cover the cleanup and rebuild.
  • Emergency decontamination
  • Surgical demolition of affected materials
  • Cleaning and sanitization
  • Odor removal and deodorization
  • Disposal per federal and state regulations
  • Reconstruction