Flood Damage Cleanup | Flooding Complications Homeowners Should Know

Flood Damage Cleanup | Flooding Complications Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

When you live in coastal communities, you need to be more aware than others of the potential complications that come with flooding, especially during hurricane and storm season. While homeowners on the coast might be more at risk, there are plenty of communities where flooding occurs, and everyone needs to learn about the possible complications flooding can cause in your home. To avoid some of these complications, you need flood damage cleanup immediately after a flood.

  1. Windows Won’t Close Completely-Flooding can cause your window trip to warp, the seals to degrade, and often, after a destructive flood, new windows are needed.
  2. Doors Jam or Won’t Latch-Water damage warps wood and can make your door swell and no longer latch or lock properly.
  3. Cracks, Peeling, Curling of Flooring-Flood damage cleanup can’t always save your flooring after a natural disaster. Standing water can destroy flooring, no matter what material it’s made from.
  4. Sinking Foundation-One of the signs of a sinking foundation is when the front porch or stoop starts to sink and become uneven. You might also notice cracks in the walls or bowing basement walls. The crawl space floor may also soften and sag. This is dangerous and the longer you avoid flood damage cleanup, the worse it will be.
  5. Leaning Chimneys-You might not realize that flooding can damage your chimney, but a leaning or cracking chimney is often a sign that your home has undergone serious water damage.
  6. Mold Damage-Mold can cause allergic reactions, odor, and be damaging to your home’s integrity. The sooner you have flood damage cleanup completed, the less likely you’ll be to have mold growing in your home.
  7. Electrical Damage-Your electrical system is very fragile when it comes to water damage. You might have flickering lights, outlets that don’t work, circuit breaker issues, or can even experience electrical shock and fires.

If you’ve recently experienced a natural disaster you need to have flood damage cleanup done right away so that these complications don’t get out of hand. Sometimes the flood damage complications can be worse than the actual flood.

If you are looking for flood damage cleanup companies, call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg.  Our team of service professionals is efficient, professional, and quick at their jobs, which can save you time and money at the end of your remodel project. Call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg to discuss your residential or commercial cleaning needs today at 412-528-5986.

How Commercial Cleaning Can Increase Your Profits | ServiceMaster Of Greater Pittsburgh

How Commercial Cleaning Can Increase Your Profits

Employers that rely on their floor employees to also handle commercial cleaning or office cleaning don’t fully understand how these practices are actually hurting their profit margins. Business owners look at the cost of commercial cleaning and believe they are saving money by making cleaning checklists and adding in cleaning tasks to their employee’s job descriptions. However, hiring a commercial cleaning company can actually increase your profit margins. Here’s how:

  1. Prevent More Significant Issues-Commercial cleaning companies offer professional floor treatments, carpet cleaning, and other services that help to extend the life of your building’s flooring and fixtures. Regular cleaning and floor care maintenance means that you’ll be able to save money by not having to replace your flooring too soon or having to conquer even larger problems that cost more money and time.
  2. Improve Customer Traffic-When you hire a commercial cleaning company to keep your business in tip-top shape, you’ll see an increase in your customer foot traffic. No one wants to shop somewhere that is dirty or has floors and fixtures that look old and unkempt. When your business or office shines bright and clean, more people will want to be there and keep coming back which means an increase in your profits.
  3. Improved Employee Morale-One of the best ways to boost your employee morale is to let them focus on customer service, sales, and other job duties that don’t include cleaning. When your employees are happier, their work performance also improves. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will boost your profit margins by makes your employees efficient and allowing them to focus on sales and service.

Commercial cleaning isn’t an expense. It’s an investment into your building’s integrity, employee morale, and getting loyal customers. Commercial cleaning doesn’t have to cost you a lot when you use it to its full potential and can reap the benefits and amazing return on investment.

If you are looking for the best commercial cleanup crew call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg. Our team of service professionals is efficient, professional, and quick at their jobs, which can save you time and money at the end of your remodel project. Call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg to discuss your residential or commercial cleaning needs today at 412-528-5986.


Mold Removal After Flooding | ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh

Mold Removal After Flooding

Whenever you have a flood or water damage issue, one of the major complications you have to watch for is mold growth. Needing mold removal services is common after flooding or a major natural disaster, but mold removal can be dangerous for homeowners and families. You need to know what you are getting yourself into if you’re going to try to DIY a mold removal job.

How to Recognize Mold

Mold spores grow and spread quickly if you do not have mold removal completed. Anywhere water was allowed to sit in the first place, you’ll find mold, although mold is not always visible to the naked eye. Some of the places you should keep an eye on for mold include:

  • Where walls and ceilings join
  • Air ducts
  • Baseboards
  • Basement
  • Bathrooms
  • Attic
  • Anywhere with past flooding
  • Anywhere there are roof leaks
  • Anywhere condensation builds up such as around AC units or refrigerators

Most molds look like smears of soot or dirt and will be black in color. Other types of mold will be white and threadlike, while still others will look like clusters of fuzzy black dots. Mold can even be green, gray, brown, or a mixture of these colors. Professional mold removal teams can assess the type of mold you have and the proper way to remediate that mold.

Non-Physical Signs of Mold

Since mold is not always visible to the naked eye, people must know some of the symptoms of mold growth in your home that can happen to people.

Some of the symptoms of a mold infestation include:

  • Allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose or congestion
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Smelling a musty or moldy odor

Mold can cause serious health issues for you and your family if you don’t get proper mold removal. Use a company that is certified in mold removal so that you know the problem is getting taken care of correctly and efficiently.

If you are looking for mold removal services, call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg.  Our team of service professionals is efficient, professional, and quick at their jobs, which can save you time and money at the end of your remodel project. Call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg to discuss your residential or commercial cleaning needs today at 412-528-5986.

Flood Damage Cleanup | Signs of Electrical Damage from Flooding

Flood Damage Cleanup | Signs of Electrical Damage from Flooding

Flooding is one of the worst natural disasters that a homeowner can face, and many do not realize all the complications that can go along with flood damage. Some of these complications can be dangerous—like electrical damage, which is why professional flood damage cleanup is so important. Unless you’re a professional electrician or have the training to deal with electrical issues during flood damage cleanup, you should call in the professionals.

Signs of Electrical Damage

Electrical damage during a flood can be extremely dangerous, especially during the flood damage cleanup process when you might be working in the water. Before you jump into trying to do flood damage cleanup on your own, know the signs of when you might be at risk for electrical shock.

  • Lights flickering or not working
  • Outlets not working
  • Hot outlets
  • Burning odor
  • Sparking or fire
  • Circuit breaker problems
  • Electrical shocks occurring

If you notice any of these signs of electrical problems, you need to take caution and consider hiring a professional flood damage cleanup company to keep everyone safe.

Replace These Items If Submerged in Water

When you are doing flood damage cleanup, you are going to find a lot of your personal items submerged in water. Almost all electrical items need to be thrown away, but there are a few items that you might not realize are included in the things you need to throw away.

  • Plastic sheathed building wire
  • Circuit panels and breakers
  • Circuit boards
  • Armored cable
  • Switched disconnected boxes
  • Blowers and fans
  • Fuse boxes and fuses
  • Outlet receptacles
  • Non-submersible pumps
  • Heaters
  • Switches
  • Furnaces
  • Motors
  • Lights
  • Boilers
  • Air conditioners
  • Subpanels

If you are questioning whether an item is damaged or not, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to electric shock and fires.

Avoiding Electrical Shock

To avoid electrical shock during water damage cleanup, you need to shut off the electricity and hire a professional to complete the cleanup process. Flood damage cleanup companies have the tools and protective gear necessary to bail out your basement safely.

The team at ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg is efficient, professional, and quick at their jobs, which can save you time and money at the end of your restoration or cleanup project. Call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg to discuss your commercial and residential cleaning needs today at 412-528-5986

Water Damage Cleanup | Tips to Prevent Your Basement from Flooding

Water Damage Cleanup | Tips to Prevent Your Basement from Flooding

Some people use their basements for storage and utilities while other homeowners finish their basements and make them an integral part of their home entertaining. Regardless of how you use your basement, the last thing you want is to deal with a terrible flooding situation that calls for emergency water damage cleanup. A water damage cleanup company can help you with any flooding you might incur; however, you should follow these tips for preventing your basement from flooding to avoid damages and an expense you aren’t prepared for.

  1. You Need a Sump Pump-Basements need sump pumps to remove any water that might get into your basement. They should be installed at the lowest point in your basement. They are usually hooked up through the electricity, but you want to have a backup generator so that if the electricity goes out during a storm, the sump pump doesn’t fail.
  2. Lawn Slope-Your lawn needs to have a slight slope to it to help water flow away from your house. This slope can be very gradual, and you might not even notice it. If you see water pooling around your home you should contact a landscaper to discuss altering the slope of your lawn.
  3. Check the Foundation-As a home settles, cracks can form in the foundation. If you don’t use your basement very often, make sure you still go down once a month to check for cracks, water spots, and flooding. You should also check for flooding during storms, flash flood warnings, and after heavy rains.
  4. Drainage System Maintenance-Most homes use a gutter system for draining water away from their homes. If this gutter system is damaged you could end up with roof leaks, flooding, and other disasters that will leave you needing water damage cleanup. Make sure you are clearing your gutters of debris and giving attention to missing or damaged pieces. The drainage system should also be checked during bi-annual roof maintenance.

These four tips to preventing your basement from flooding will help you mitigate how much water damage cleanup you have to endure as a homeowner. However, when disaster strikes, you need to contact professional water damage cleanup companies.

The team at ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg is efficient, professional, and quick at their jobs, which can save you time and money at the end of your restoration or cleanup project. Call ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburg to discuss your commercial and residential cleaning needs today at 412-528-5986

Mold Removal | Different Types of Common Molds in Homes and Businesses | ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh

Mold Removal | Different Types of Common Molds in Homes and Businesses

There is a large amount of misleading information about the harmful mold that grows inside of buildings. Most people who haven’t had to deal with a mold problem believe that mold only grows in old buildings that aren’t cleaned or lived in. While those places can have mold, it is also true that mold can grow anywhere, and isn’t always noticeable.

Any type of mold is dangerous, and should be removed by a professional who can ensure it is fully eradicated and prevented from coming back.

Aspergillus – This type of mold is very common and rarely causes any type of reaction. However, if left unchecked, it can spread and become harmful.

Cladosporium – This mold is often found within flooring, fabrics, carpet, and cabinets. Cladosporium spores travel easily in the air, which can cause severe respiratory problems.

Alternaria – Places like showers, sinks, and tubs can have Alternaria mold growing on them and have been known to cause some serious reactions like rashes and swelling as well as asthma symptoms.

Chaetomium – This type of mold is usually found within water damage. Most people can identify this type of mold by its green coloration and musty smell. If left unchecked, it can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

AureobasidiumThis mold can be found on wood, whether it be furniture, within the walls, windows, and flooring. It also likes to grow on caulk. It can be identified by its light green coloration and dark spots. Aureobasidium is prone to causing allergic reactions that can be very harmful to children and the elderly.

Stachybotrys ChartarumOften called “Black Mold” or “Toxic Mold,” this type of mold can be extremely harmful. It can be identified by its dark coloration and causes severe illnesses like asthma attacks, depression, respiratory problems, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, cramping, muscle aches, and other allergic reactions. It can usually be found at or near water damage and requires professional mold removal

services to ensure it is fully removed from the building. If you suspect you have black mold, you must call Service Masters immediately.

Penicillium – This is another harmful type of mold that is known to cause respiratory problems, infections, rashes, swelling, and inflammation. This type of mold also spreads quickly, so professional mold removal services are required if you suspect to have this type of mold.

Fusarium – This type of mold isn’t as harmful as some but can become harmful with prolonged exposure. It can be found in dark and damp areas.

Trichoderma – This mold likes areas that are damp. It is a very harmful mold that causes allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses because of the mycotoxins in the spores that float through the air, similar to “black mold.”

UlocladiumThis mold is more uncommon than others because it only grown in flooded areas or other places with long-standing water damage. However uncommon, it still can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Serpula Lacrymans – This mold mostly grows outdoors but can still be found indoors if the environment is right for it. It likes to grow on damp wood or wood that is drily rotted. It can be identified by its yellow coloration.

It is recommended that anyone contact Service Masters of Pittsburgh (412) 419-3253 if any type of mold is found within a building. Don’t wait, call TODAY!

Commercial Cleaning Pittsburgh PA | Commercial Cleaning for Pittsburgh | ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh

Commercial Cleaning Pittsburgh PA | Commercial Cleaning for Pittsburgh

Most businesses need a cleaning crew to ensure their business is in tip-top shape all the time. Hiring a janitorial staff can be very costly and inefficient, especially when the work demand doesn’t meet the hourly needs of the cleaning staff, which wastes time and money. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is a far more affordable option that gives you more for less. There are already many businesses who use commercial cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA. because of the quality of work done and affordability.

Commercial cleaning services aren’t just cleaners, but also ensure that your supplies are fully stocked, areas are disinfected, and the floors and other parts of the building are properly maintained to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Most businesses opt to have their cleaning services done during non-business hours and are accommodated with everything being done at night, so the business comes to work every day with a clean workplace that is safe for both employees and customers. The commercial cleaning services that many businesses take advantage of our customizable, and don’t have to buy a plan that doesn’t work for them and are always welcome to have their cleaning done whenever they need it.

The best benefit of having a commercial cleaning service is that customers and employees feel safe and better overall when they are in a clean environment. Professional cleaners use commercial-grade cleaners that kill and prevent bacteria, viruses’, and other things that can make people sick. Working in a clean environment also means it is safer for everyone. It is a fact that proper cleaning and maintenance reduces the risk of workplace injuries and sicknesses. And, there is no job that is too much to handle. Professional cleaners can clean any mess or damage so the business can keep its doors open every single day.

If you are interested in commercial cleaning services for your business, call Service Masters of Pittsburgh at (412) 419-3253 today.

Flood Damage Cleanup | ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh

Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood Damage Cleanup | A flood is a scary and devastating force of nature that can severely damage a building easily. A professional cleaning crew that specializes in flood damage cleanup is necessary to fix all the damage done. Flooring and furniture commonly take the most damage during a flood, which is incredibly expensive and time-consuming to replace without a professional cleaning crew. Oftentimes, flood damage can be cleaned and flooring and furniture can be saved.

Flooding can also happen anywhere. Heavy rains are the cause of most flooding incidents, but there are many instances where a foundation will crack, causing the water underground to flood into a basement. Any underground structure is prone to flooding, and it is imperative that the owners of those buildings have a professional flood damage cleanup service on speed dial for when it occurs. The quicker the cleanup crew can get there, the less damage there will be, and the faster the owner can have peace of mind.

The cleanup crew will use some heavy equipment to first remove all the standing water from the building while preventing more water from entering the building at the same time. Once the standing water is removed, the cleaning process can begin. Large vacuums are used to remove water from carpeting and other floorings, and the rest of the crew will get to work on removing any water from everywhere else in the building, including furniture. The process can take a while to complete, depending on the size of the building and the severity of the flooding. The owner of the building can expect follow up appointments to check for water damage after cleanup, and mold inspections to ensure the building is properly cared for.

Flood damage can be devastating, but not all will be lost, because there are professionals that are dedicated to preserving everything within the building and making sure that further damage is prevented.

If you are in need of flood damage cleanup services, call Service Masters of Pittsburgh at (412) 419-3253 today.

Mold Removal | How to Detect and Prevent Mold in Your Home | ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh

Mold Removal | How to Detect and Prevent Mold in Your Home

Mold that grows in buildings due to water and moisture can be extremely harmful to people and animals. It is a known fact that these types of molds cause severe illnesses and even cancer. It is imperative that every building, whether it is a home or business, is mold-free. Sometimes it is difficult to know if a building has mold or not. It can grow anywhere there is moisture. Most people don’t have the equipment and the know-how to detect mold, and if it isn’t obvious, it can be left to harm the people who live or work in the building.

Luckily, there are professionals who specialize in mold detection, prevention, and removal. These specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and proven tactics to detect all types of molds anywhere in a building. If mold is found, then the mold removal specialists will use commercial-grade mold removal products that are safe for the building, people, and animals. They will then figure out why there is mold growing in that particular space. It is common to find mold where there is a water leak of some kind. Water leaks usually come from old pipes, damaged roofs, and cracks in the building’s foundation. It is also common for mold to grow in areas that are humid.

To help prevent mold, buildings should have some type of airflow, whether it be from the HVAC system, open windows, or fans placed throughout each room. It is important to keep the inside of the building at an optimal moisture level. Bathrooms are notorious for getting mold, so installing a good fan or making sure to open a window when using the shower will help prevent mold from growing.

Cleaning is also a large factor in preventing mold. While it isn’t possible to clean inside the walls and in between floors, it is possible to clean the corners of a room, wiping down the baseboards, and cleaning tiling and showers, and other common places that mold likes to grow.

If you suspect you may have mold, want a mold inspection done, or need mold removal services, call Service Masters of Pittsburgh at (412) 419-3253 today.

Water Damage Cleanup | The Devastating Effects of Water Damage | ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh

Water Damage Cleanup | The Devastating Effects of Water Damage

Water Damage Cleanup | Water damage can be very devastating and costly to any home or business. Some building materials are resistant to water, but most aren’t, especially materials inside the building, which is what is most affected by water. Flooding is a great concern for people all over the world, and it happens in Pittsburgh as well. Many homes and other building each year are damaged by flooding, leaky roofs, and foundation leaks that cost the owner a ton of money and time. Sometimes, there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent water damage from occurring due to natural disasters and flooding. But there are ways to ensure your building is at least prepared. If water damage does occur, you have someone you can call to take care of the damage immediately.

Flooding and leaks within the foundation and the roof of a building are the most common ways water gets in and causes damage. To prevent roof problems, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected frequently by a professional. Sometimes, it isn’t always obvious when a roof is leaking, which is why a professional is required.

Basements and inside the walls of a building need to be inspected by a professional every so often, especially after a large storm, if someone notices a smell that resembles a murky lake or stagnant water, or if water spots are noticed on the ceiling or the walls. It is very important to have a professional cleaning service that specializes in water damage to inspect the building and to service any water damage before it causes any further harm.

Water damage doesn’t just rot the building slowly from the inside, it also attracts insects and pests that will also help to break down the building a little at a time. Water buildup inside a building creates a great environment for termites, parasites, and even mold and bacteria.

If you are in need of water damage cleanup, call Service Masters of Pittsburgh at (412) 419-3253 immediately.