Top 5 Water Damage Questions Answered

Water can do some pretty nasty things when it gets inside a home or building, and it’s not something that can be ignored. The aftermath of water damage can be devastating if it isn’t quickly and properly addressed. You may be wondering what to do or what to expect if your home or business falls victim to water damage. Below are answers to five of the most important water damage questions you need to ask:

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Untreated Water Damage is Dangerous to Home and Health

In the event of water leakage, flooding, or other water disasters, it is a sure bet that a little bit goes a long way. A small, slow drip and a sudden, significant flood can both do extensive damage to your home and property and present serious health risks if left untreated. In many cases, the safest way to clean up a water mess is to call on the expertise of water damage restoration professionals who can remove the water and affected materials by following a safe and thorough process that eliminates contaminants. Attempting a clean-up on your own is risky because you place yourself in danger of coming in contact with contaminants, and you can’t be sure that you’ve properly removed all dangerous or damaged materials. If you have a persistent water issue in your home or have incurred water damage of any sort on your property, acting quickly to remedy the situation is the best way to limit property damage and protect your family from health issues that arise as a result of neglected water damage. Continue reading

What is a Puff Back?

Puff Back

Many homeowners may not be aware of what puff back is, but for those that have experienced it, it can be a real hassle to deal with. Puff back is the result of a small explosion inside of your furnace caused from built up debris and oil that is interfering with the ignition of the furnace. The explosion that results will shoot soot through the furnace’s exhaust system and into your home. The aftermath of a puff back explosion is a messy one as soot will likely cover your floors and walls. If you have an older furnace or one that has not gotten proper maintenance, then you may want to take steps to prevent puff back from occurring.

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Hidden Water Leak?

Water Leak?

A hidden water leak in your home can be a scary and expensive situation. Although the water leak may be hidden, there are often signs that can alert you to a potential problem. Catching a water leak as soon as possible can save you money and possibly prevent greater damage to your home.

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