Pet and Animal Clean Up and Deodorization

Serving the Greater Pittsburgh Area

ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh has been cleaning up after some of the worst animal disasters for over 30 years. These cleanings can range from spots on the carpeting or upholstery from a pet to full- fledged removal of contaminated surfaces and deep deodorization procedures from infestations or an overabundance of animals.

Removing Pet Odor

We have learned that deodorization is a process and not a “one size fits all” magic spray. Whether you are dealing with pests in the attic making themselves at home (including using your insulation as a potty), if you know a property where the animals outnumber the humans and have taken over or just have Fido and Fluffy having more accidents than usual, ServiceMaster of Greater Pittsburgh can develop a Pet Deodorization plan to help.


Types of odors ServiceMaster Restore has the equipment and technology to remove:

  1. Protein-based odors
  2. Fire and smoke odors
  3. Sewage-based odors
  4. Trauma-based odors

From fire and water to mold remediation and trauma cleanup, we are the experts in commercial and residential restoration.

Service Master Odor Removal

Our Animal Deodorization Service Can Consist of:

  • Carpet and Upholstery pet odor treatments
  • Treatment of Walls, floors and ceilings for odor issues
  • Removal of contaminated surfaces
  • Treating, sealing, painting and finishing structure affected by severe odor
  • Hazardous clean up scenarios- bird droppings, extreme excrement clean –up
  • Reconstruction following major clean-ups
  • Duct cleaning and deodorization
  • Deodorization technology at the forefront in the field of deodorization


1: Identify odor source Step

2: Select deodorization process Step

3: Proper cleaning of affected areas to remove the odor residue Step

4: Final odor removal process


Deodorizing Your Home

OdorKlenz: utilizes latest nano technology to remove airborne contaminates to eliminate odors in hours without using chemicals.

Fogging: neutralizes odor by penetrating wherever it has traveled.

Ozone: especially effective on absorbed odors in clothing, drapes and furniture when the residence is not occupied. Caution must be used around pets, plants and other sensitive materials.

Hydroxyl Generators: safe alternative that uses a naturally occurring deodorizing vapor, which may be used around people, pets, plants, rubber, plastic, vinyl, textile

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