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Most cleaning companies offer commercial services such as vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, waxing, and taking out the garbage and wiping down surfaces. However, there are still many cleaning projects that businesses need, and employees don’t have the time or ability to complete during open hours. When you hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of your floor and basic cleaning services, you need to ask about these add on services for spotlight cleaning that will have your business shining from floor to ceiling and impressing your customers.

  1. High-Traffic Carpet Maintenance-There are certain areas of your office or business that get more wear and tear from foot traffic than others. Professional carpet maintenance ensures that the carpets stay uniform and clean no matter how many times they are walked across.
  2. Paneling, Trim, Doors-Have you ever checked the trim or paneling for dust? You might be surprised how much dirt and grime can build up around the perimeter of your office. Doors are the most touched surface in your business and can end up stained and dirty very quickly, especially if they are solid wood or painted rather than glass.
  3. Ceilings and Light Fixtures:Light tends to attract dust and if your business is a warehouse or has incredibly high ceilings, cleaning light fixtures might be dangerous for your employees. Let the professionals with the proper safety equipment handle cleaning your ceilings and light fixtures.
  4. Entry Areas, Break Rooms, Public Areas-There are many places that aren’t usually included in commercial cleaning on the salesfloor such as locker or break rooms, entry areas or vestibules, and public areas such as lactation rooms or waiting rooms. Booking a specialized cleaning service for these areas is a great way to ensure they are staying clean and sanitary.
  5. Hard Surface Flooring Cleaning-Go beyond mopping and sweeping and order a strip and wax to keep your hard surface floors shining, new looking, and free from grime and staining. Stripping and waxing can also remove streaks and stains from moving furniture or gondolas.

Commercial cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your business’s structural elements such as flooring and walls. These services also ensure a safe, sanitary, and healthy environment for not only your employees but customers and clients as well.

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Commercial Cleaning | Getting Your Office Ready to Reopen During COVID-19

As more states are starting to loosen restrictions and enter more progressive stages of reopening, you might decide that it’s time to bring your employees back to work in the office and increase productivity. One of the most challenging tasks you will have as a business owner is how to ensure your office workers stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent the spread of illness in the workplace. There are federal guidelines that lay out social distancing rules and occupancy limits, as well as state and local ordinances and laws you will need to follow. Still, one of the best investments you can make right now is in commercial cleaning services.

What is a Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning companies specialize in cleaning retail, office, and buildings used for commercial purposes, rather than residential homes. Services included from these companies can include ATP testing, holistic or green product options, mold remediation, deodorization, carpet, and floor cleaning, air duct cleaning, and sick building syndrome services.

Why Is Professional Cleaning Important?

Professional cleaning services not only get your office clean and disinfected before employees return to work, but when added as an ongoing service, these services can reduce the chances of your employees getting sick because of illnesses and viruses in the office. You would be surprised about the number of bacteria that stay stuck in carpet fibers, under desks, and built up in the wax on tile flooring. Professional cleaning companies use deep cleaning methods to extract dirt and grime from your carpets and floor.

These companies also increase the purity of the air and can be beneficial for customers, clients, and employees that have breathing difficulties associated with asthma or allergies. Commercial cleaning companies are also great for cleaning up after special projects such as changing the layout of the work or retail space, remodeling, or after a big event such as the office Christmas party.

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Embrace the Pet-Friendly Office with Commercial Cleaning

Embrace the Pet-Friendly Office with Commercial Cleaning

There’s a new trend in America that is helping office workers be happier and have reduced stress—The pet-friendly office space. You may have seen a cat in a bookstore, but have you ever been to an office where it’s bring your pet to work day, every day? People are aware by now of the benefits dogs bring to people’s lives and call centers, law offices, insurance offices, and other niches are allowing their employees to bring their furry friends to work with them. You might be thinking, wouldn’t that make offices dirty? What about people with severe allergies? Each office manager needs to weigh the pros and cons of allowing pets in the workplace and take into consideration employees with allergies; however, one thing you don’t have to sweat is the office being dirty when you use commercial cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning and Pets

Commercial cleaning companies know you want an office space that is odor and hair-free. Even when there are no pets in the office, professional cleaners use the highest grade, industrial cleaning products that can get rid of odors, including pet odors fast. Commercial grade carpet shampooers and vacuums are also perfect for removing pet hair from carpeting and rugs. Worried about dog nails scratching against your tile floor? A professional floor strip, wax, and polish can take care of that quickly and efficiently!

Office managers need to develop policies for their employees that wish to bring their dogs to work with them including policies for pet health, obedience, waste, and owner accountability. Office managers may also need to check for pet policy information with their property insurance or business liability insurance before allowing any animals into the workspace.

If you decide that a pet-friendly workplace is the right choice for your office, let your commercial cleaning company know so they can ensure they bring the right tools and products for the job when they come to clean next.

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How Commercial Cleaning Can Increase Your Profits | ServiceMaster Of Greater Pittsburgh

How Commercial Cleaning Can Increase Your Profits

Employers that rely on their floor employees to also handle commercial cleaning or office cleaning don’t fully understand how these practices are actually hurting their profit margins. Business owners look at the cost of commercial cleaning and believe they are saving money by making cleaning checklists and adding in cleaning tasks to their employee’s job descriptions. However, hiring a commercial cleaning company can actually increase your profit margins. Here’s how:

  1. Prevent More Significant Issues-Commercial cleaning companies offer professional floor treatments, carpet cleaning, and other services that help to extend the life of your building’s flooring and fixtures. Regular cleaning and floor care maintenance means that you’ll be able to save money by not having to replace your flooring too soon or having to conquer even larger problems that cost more money and time.
  2. Improve Customer Traffic-When you hire a commercial cleaning company to keep your business in tip-top shape, you’ll see an increase in your customer foot traffic. No one wants to shop somewhere that is dirty or has floors and fixtures that look old and unkempt. When your business or office shines bright and clean, more people will want to be there and keep coming back which means an increase in your profits.
  3. Improved Employee Morale-One of the best ways to boost your employee morale is to let them focus on customer service, sales, and other job duties that don’t include cleaning. When your employees are happier, their work performance also improves. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will boost your profit margins by makes your employees efficient and allowing them to focus on sales and service.

Commercial cleaning isn’t an expense. It’s an investment into your building’s integrity, employee morale, and getting loyal customers. Commercial cleaning doesn’t have to cost you a lot when you use it to its full potential and can reap the benefits and amazing return on investment.

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Commercial Cleaning Pittsburgh PA | Commercial Cleaning for Pittsburgh

Most businesses need a cleaning crew to ensure their business is in tip-top shape all the time. Hiring a janitorial staff can be very costly and inefficient, especially when the work demand doesn’t meet the hourly needs of the cleaning staff, which wastes time and money. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is a far more affordable option that gives you more for less. There are already many businesses who use commercial cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA. because of the quality of work done and affordability.

Commercial cleaning services aren’t just cleaners, but also ensure that your supplies are fully stocked, areas are disinfected, and the floors and other parts of the building are properly maintained to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Most businesses opt to have their cleaning services done during non-business hours and are accommodated with everything being done at night, so the business comes to work every day with a clean workplace that is safe for both employees and customers. The commercial cleaning services that many businesses take advantage of our customizable, and don’t have to buy a plan that doesn’t work for them and are always welcome to have their cleaning done whenever they need it.

The best benefit of having a commercial cleaning service is that customers and employees feel safe and better overall when they are in a clean environment. Professional cleaners use commercial-grade cleaners that kill and prevent bacteria, viruses’, and other things that can make people sick. Working in a clean environment also means it is safer for everyone. It is a fact that proper cleaning and maintenance reduces the risk of workplace injuries and sicknesses. And, there is no job that is too much to handle. Professional cleaners can clean any mess or damage so the business can keep its doors open every single day.

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