How to Prevent Home Flooding | Flood Damage Cleanup

You can protect your home and prevent floodwater from the destruction of your property. But if it does suffer from floods, count on ServiceMaster for restoration of your property. Our team provides flood cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, helping you settle back into your home after damage. 

Here are some tips for preventing home flooding. 

Understand Your Flood Risk | Flood Damage Cleanup

To prepare and proof your home accordingly, you should know your area’s flood risk. You can check the Federal Emergency Management Agency portal for information on your area’s flood risk. 

Inspect and Maintain Your Home

Keeping your home in the best working condition can reduce the risk of flooding. Inspect the foundation and basement and fix cracks. Inspect the sump pump and repair any issues to keep basement flooding at bay. 

Run a thorough inspection of the plumbing line to ensure no leaks, broken pipes, and faulty faucets. If you find extreme damage, get professional flood damage cleanup professionals for effective and timely restoration.   

Modify the Landscape

Hore a landscaper to have your yard graded to drain water away from your home. They can also raise any low areas that may collect water. Lastly, plant and maintain grass and shrubs to prevent erosion. 

Home Drainage Manitenance

Inspect the drainage system from roofing to the sewer line. You want to make sure there is free flow of waste and rain water to prevent flooding in the event of a storm. Hire a professional to clean the cutters, fix broken downspouts and unclog  the sewer drains. 

Floods occur unexpectedly but with a properly maintained home and the right prevention strateges in place, you can hack this. If you are looking for reliable flood cleanup in Greater Pittsbrugh, call ServiceMaster and let us take care of the mess. 

Flood Damage Cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh | Building a Hurricane Kit

The best time to prepare for a hurricane is before the season’s onset. You first need to have a hurricane kit to help you maneuver if a hurricane hits your home. And if this happens, consider ServiceMaster for restoration. Our team is trained to handle any extent of floods and has been providing flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh.

A hurricane kit is essential to ensure you have all the basics in the event of a flood. You want to ensure your family has food, a change of clothes, shelter, medicine, and other essential items before the hurricane settles down.

How to Create a Hurricane Survival Kit

  1. Determine the number of people you need to prepare for and include emergency kits, as you may receive visitors chased away from their homes by flood water.
  2. Find a reliable bag to store all your supplies. The backpack will come in handy should you need to vacate the property.
  3. Your emergency kit should have non-perishable food and water that can last your family members not less than three days.
  4. Don’t rely on power during a hurricane. It is best to have a portable stove and light sources.
  5. Include local maps in your kit
  6. Add a first aid kit in your backpack, as it is common for people to sustain injuries during hurricanes.
  7. Add bath wipes to your kit

Keeping you and your loved ones safe is a top priority during a hurricane. Preparing a hurricane kit can help you survive in the midst of all the chaos hurricanes bring. While this season can be challenging, having a professional restoration company in mind can save you half the battle.

ServiceMaster provides flood damage cleanup in Greater Pittsburgh, and thanks to our trained team, your home will be in safe hands, despite the damage the floods bring. Call us today for cleanup, drying and restoration.